Security Assurance and Security Operations

Security Assurance and Security Operations assist Mozillians in defining and operating security controls to ensure that data at Mozilla is protected consistently across the organization.

  • we help you define the risks around your services and data
  • we help projects design and implement security controls
  • we maintain a risk-based inventory of systems and their functional security controls to help Mozilla management determine where to invest in security measures
  • we develop a catalog of services and tools that help you appropriately secure your data
  • we respond to security investigations and incidents
  • we provide baseline practices and assist teams in defining their security standards



  • AWS Security Best practices for securely operating in Amazon Web Services
  • Key Management Find out which algorithms are recommended, when to expire keys, etc.
  • Kubernetes A high level guide of basic security needs for Kubernetes
  • OpenSSH How to configure and use OpenSSH server and client securely
  • Phishing A fraudulent practice of sending emails (or other communications) purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.
  • Web Security What headers, setup, etc. should you follow for your web site?

Risk assessment


  • OpenID Connect How to use OpenID Connect securely and make user’s session experience better
  • SAML How to use SAML securely and make user’s session experience better


  • Rationales Explains and justifies the use of specific controls, principles
  • Security Principles Most important security principles to follow - the baseline



Open a ticket with Security Assurance. For confidential information, send us an email to and encrypt using our public PGP key. Our full fingerprint is 0x85D77543B3D624B63CEA9E6DBC17301B491B3F21